UInteractiveGizmo > UObject

UBrushStampIndicator is a simple 3D brush indicator.

Member Type Offset Share
BrushRadius float 0x38
BrushFalloff float 0x3c
BrushPosition FVector 0x40
BrushNormal FVector 0x4c
bDrawIndicatorLines bool 0x58
bDrawRadiusCircle bool 0x59
bDrawFalloffCircle bool 0x5a
SampleStepCount int32_t 0x5c
LineColor FLinearColor 0x60
LineThickness float 0x70
bDepthTested bool 0x74
bDrawSecondaryLines bool 0x75
SecondaryLineThickness float 0x78
SecondaryLineColor FLinearColor 0x7c

Optional Component that will be transformed such that it tracks the Radius/Position/Normal

UPrimitiveComponent* 0x90