USceneComponent > UActorComponent > UObject

This component tries to maintain its children at a fixed distance from the parent, but will retract the children if there is a collision, and spring back when there is no collision. Example: Use as a 'camera boom' to keep the follow camera for a player from colliding into the world.

Member Type Offset Share

Natural length of the spring arm when there are no collisions

float 0x1f0

Offset at end of spring arm; use this instead of the relative offset of the attached component to ensure the line trace works as desired

FVector 0x1f4

Offset at start of spring, applied in world space.

FVector 0x200

How big should the query probe sphere be (in unreal units)

float 0x20c

Collision channel of the query probe (defaults to ECC_Camera)

ECollisionChannel 0x210
bDoCollisionTest : 1 char 0x214
bUsePawnControlRotation : 1 char 0x214
bInheritPitch : 1 char 0x214
bInheritYaw : 1 char 0x214
bInheritRoll : 1 char 0x214
bEnableCameraLag : 1 char 0x214
bEnableCameraRotationLag : 1 char 0x214
bUseCameraLagSubstepping : 1 char 0x214
bDrawDebugLagMarkers : 1 char 0x215

If bEnableCameraLag is true, controls how quickly camera reaches target position.

float 0x218

If bEnableCameraRotationLag is true, controls how quickly camera reaches target position.

float 0x21c

Max time step used when sub-stepping camera lag.

float 0x220

Max distance the camera target may lag behind the current location.

float 0x224