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StaticMeshComponent is used to create an instance of a UStaticMesh. A static mesh is a piece of geometry that consists of a static set of polygons.

Member Type Offset Share

If 0, auto-select LOD level. if >0, force to (ForcedLodModel-1).

int32_t 0x 430
PreviousLODLevel int32_t 0x 434

Specifies the smallest LOD that will be used for this component.

int32_t 0x 438

Subdivision step size for static vertex lighting.

int32_t 0x 43c
StaticMesh UStaticMesh* 0x 440

Wireframe color to use if bOverrideWireframeColor is true

FColor 0x 448
bEvaluateWorldPositionOffset : 1 char 0x 44c
bOverrideWireframeColor : 1 char 0x 44c
bOverrideMinLod : 1 char 0x 44c
bOverrideNavigationExport : 1 char 0x 44c
bForceNavigationObstacle : 1 char 0x 44c
bDisallowMeshPaintPerInstance : 1 char 0x 44c
bIgnoreInstanceForTextureStreaming : 1 char 0x 44c
bOverrideLightMapRes : 1 char 0x 44c
bCastDistanceFieldIndirectShadow : 1 char 0x 44d
bOverrideDistanceFieldSelfShadowBias : 1 char 0x 44d
bUseSubDivisions : 1 char 0x 44d
bUseDefaultCollision : 1 char 0x 44d
bReverseCulling : 1 char 0x 44d

Light map resolution to use on this component, used if bOverrideLightMapRes is true and there is a valid StaticMesh.

int32_t 0x 450

Controls how dark the dynamic indirect shadow can be.

float 0x 454

Useful for reducing self shadowing from distance field methods when using world position offset to animate the mesh's vertices.

float 0x 458

Allows adjusting the desired streaming distance of streaming textures that uses UV 0.

float 0x 45c

Static mesh LOD data. Contains static lighting data along with instanced mesh vertex colors.

TArray<FStaticMeshComponentLODInfo> 0x 460

The list of texture, bounds and scales. As computed in the texture streaming build process.

TArray<FStreamingTextureBuildInfo> 0x 470

The Lightmass settings for this object.

FLightmassPrimitiveSettings 0x 480